The Language of Power, by Rosemary Kirstein, trade paperback. Volume 4 of the Steerswoman Series, with map

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The trade paperback version of The Language of Power¸ Volume 4 of the Steerswoman Series, with a map printed on parchment calligraphy paper.

The steerswoman Rowan has learned much about the master-wizard Slado: how his spells are devastating the distant lands known as the Outskirts, and how they will ultimately threaten even the Inner Lands. But she knows nothing else about him –and he must be found, and stopped.

Now, following the slimmest of clues, Rowan arrives in the city of Donner hoping to learn more about Slado’s plans. But when the answers begin coming in faster than the questions can be asked, a strange tale from the past emerges, a tale behind all the secrets of the present…

Fortunate that Rowan has the Outskirter warrior Bel on hand to watch her back. Because there’s one sure way to know that the steerswoman is on the right track: Someone will try to kill her.

“The world Kirstein creates is captivating.” — Publisher’s Weekly

“If you haven’t read Kirstein’s Steerswoman books I envy you the chance to read them now for the first time…. I think they have a very good claim to be my favorite thing still being written. […] If you like science, and if you like watching someone work out mysteries, and if you like detailed weird alien worlds and human cultures, if really good prose appeals… you’re really in luck.” — Jo Walton, Hugo and Nebula Awards winner, author of Among Others, My Real Children and the Thessaly series.

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