free memberships: CONvergence, TGIF/F, Nine Worlds

Fans of color/non-white fans: the following free memberships are available now, first-come first-serve:

TGIF/F, April 7-9, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, USA. TGIF/F is a multi-fandom femslash convention designed to bring together various fan communities to build connections, encourage discussion, and create art; its programming includes panels on SFF genre works, fantasy, video games, and more topics of SFF interest.

TGIF/F has donated five passes to Con or Bust, to be claimed by April 6, 2017 (tomorrow!).

(new!) CONvergence, July 6-9, 2017, Bloomington, MN, USA. CONvergence 2017: To Infinity & Beyond is a celebration of all things space opera. Its Guests of Honor are Lois McMaster Bujold, Kristopher Carter, Norman Cates, Eric Chu, Tracee Lee Cocco, Naomi Kritzer, Seanan McGuire, Jai Nitz, and Ian Truitner.

CONvergence has donated four memberships to Con or Bust, to be claimed by May 20, 2017.

Nine Worlds, 4-6 August 2017, London, England, UK. Nine Worlds is a geekfest, or a multi media, multi-genre residential pop culture convention.

Nine Worlds has donated twenty tickets to Con or Bust. Anyone who requests a membership by the end of Thursday, April 6 (also tomorrow!) will be emailed the booking link for the convention hotel that Saturday (more information). Eighteen tickets remain available.

There are lots more memberships available; these are just the newest or the ones with the closest deadlines. For the full list of cons, see the Upcoming Cons page. To learn how to request assistance, see the Request Assistance page. Thanks, and please spread the word!


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  1. I’d love to claim one of the Convergence memberships!

  2. I’d like to also claim one of the Convergence memberships!

  3. Stephanie, please head here: to do so! Thanks!

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