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I’m a geeky artisan chocolatier, licensed in Massachusetts. I’ll make you one batch of whatever your heart desires. My specialties are wildly varied flavors and geeky molds, and I use top-quality chocolate. Like truffles? How about peppermint, or earl grey, or ginger pear brandy? Bars? I can do classic flavors (puffed rice? mint chocolate cookie?) or the highly unusual (curry coconut lime? pumpkin pie spice and candied ginger? decaf chocolate espresso beans?). I also do some custom marzipans (plain, liqueured, mixed nut) and chocolate-covered caramels. For a general sense, you can browse my website at — I don’t do a good job at keeping it up to date, and the selection there is a fraction of what I offer, but it’ll get you started on ideas.

One batch is not small. For bars or molded chocolates, you’re looking at five+ pounds of chocolate, and the molded chocolates are shelf-stable and keep their flavor for at least a year when stored at a cool room temperature in a ziploc bag or similar. For truffles, you’re looking at about 150 in a batch; marzipans and caramels are 90-100. One batch is one flavor, or one set of easily compatible flavors (e.g., plain milk, milk with cookies, mint milk with cookies).

And if you want something really┬ácustom, add about $300 to your bid and I’ll make you a mold, too.

“Mad chocolate genius” — Scott Lynch

Starting Bid: 125

Shipping: Shipping in the US is included; I’m willing to ship internationally as well, but I am not an expert in international customs laws to confirm that it’ll get there safely, and would appreciate it if you’d bid higher accordingly.

Other Notes: Because chocolate melts easily, this item will be made and delivered in fall or winter, with some flexibility in scheduling. If you desperately need the chocolates for a summer event, there will be an additional shipping charge.

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