Board of Directors candidate statements due Friday, March 3!

Reminder: Con or Bust is now run by a Board of Directors, and will be holding elections for four open seats on March 19. Being a Director is a low time commitment but critical to keeping Con or Bust running and helping shape its future, so we’re looking for as many awesome people as possible–especially since right now, only one person is running and there are four open seats total!

Candidate statements should be submitted by this Friday, March 3, by email to The statement should describe who you are, why you want to serve on Con or Bust’s Board, and what you’ll bring to the Board if elected; it should also include a statement under the conflict of interest policy after reviewing the list of entities with which Con or Bust currently has, or has had, commercial relationships with. For full details, see the announcement post.

Thanks, and please signal boost!

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