Annual Report for 2016 and Board Meeting Minutes

On March 19, 2017, Con or Bust’s Board of Directors held its annual meeting. The full minutes are available online, but the highlights are:

  • We re-elected Mark Oshiro as member of the Board of Directors and President; and we thanked Zen Cho, outgoing Director, for her service.
  • We adopted our 2016 annual report, which summarized our activity for the year. To summarize the summary: in 2016, we provided assistance for people of color/non-white people to attend SFF cons 99 times, through $19,237.00 in monetary assistance and 85 donated memberships and/or sets of donated hotel room nights.
  • We submitted our required annual filings.
  • And I informed the Board that I was strongly considering not running for re-election when my current term expires in spring 2019, which will be my ten-year anniversary of running the day-to-day operations of Con or Bust. I will announce my decision before the spring 2018 election, to allow for lots of transition time if necessary. Regardless, we agreed that we should identify and encourage new candidates for the Board next year (and/or people who could start volunteering this year!), to bring new perspectives and to keep improving Con or Bust’s stability as an institution, not just my personal project.

So, if you believe in Con or Bust’s mission and have ideas and time to contribute, consider running for the Board next year! (There’s some information about what that means in the election announcement post and its comments; feel free to comment if that doesn’t answer your questions.) Or let me know if you’re interested in volunteering now, either by commenting or emailing offering suggestions, helping out with the auction, running local fundraisers: we are all ears.

Thanks as always for your support and for spreading the word!

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